ASOS launches Circular Design Guidebook for designers, brands and students

It’s a 112-page interactive resource produced to help designers, students and fashion brands “design and create fashion products that support the circular economy”.The co-authored guidebook contains a detailed breakdown on ASOS’s nine circular design strategies, developed through consultation with CSF and with input from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) through participation in its ‘Make Fashion Circular’ initiative. 

Each of the strategies can support achieving the EMF’s vision of a circular economy for fashion, boosting innovative and recycled materials, minimising waste, and more.The guidebook is the latest element of a multi-year collaboration between ASOS and CSF. Since the start of the association, all ASOS designers and relevant commercial teams have received education on circular design developed by CSF.Simon Platts, Responsible Sourcing Director at ASOS, said: “Launching this guidebook means we can help accelerate the transition to circular design across the entire fashion industry, critical to achieving the sustainability we all want to see. “This in-depth, accessible and easy-to-use resource should prove invaluable to other brands, designers and students looking to implement circular design in practice and marks the next step in our journey to Be More Circular through Fashion with Integrity.”

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